April Vacation Update 4.10.20

Good Afternoon Wakefield Families,

We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy. Our communication this week will be brief in terms of district wide news. A topic of discussion this week for many districts has been about the upcoming scheduled April Vacation. The Commissioner of Education issued guidance, stating that the decision about whether or not to continue with distance learning over the school vacation week will be a local decision. 

Districts across Massachusetts are now in a similar space with regards to distance learning however, this was not the case a few weeks ago when our school closure began. Wakefield is in a unique position, as we had the Learn Anywhere Program, an alternative learning program, approved by DESE before the pandemic. Because of this, we were able to initiate distance learning on day one of the closure (March 16, 2020). Other districts without an approved program, understandably, needed to take time to develop their distance learning programs, delaying the start of remote learning and student participation, which has led to some districts cancelling the April break to catch students up.  

Teachers and Administrators have been focused on teaming and collaboration and we have modified the schedule for faculty and staff to continue student learning and choice on Fridays while also making time for teachers to co-plan lessons. 

Next week we start week five of distance learning in Wakefield. We have made and will continue to make adjustments based on the needs of students and families as well as the extension of the closure.  In regard to April vacation, faculty and staff will have the time off and will not be sending out new assignments for the week of April 20-24, 2020.  

Over the break, students and families will have a few choices that include: 

Students can take the time to slow down and spend time with loved ones.
Student may use the time to make-up assignments
Students may work on enrichment assignments provided by Curriculum Coordinators and other instructional leaders.       

Again, we cannot thank you enough for your participation, support and feedback as we work through this challenging time. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us or your building administrators if you have questions or concerns related to your individual families. 

Thank you,

Doug Lyons and Kara Mauro