Please contact your child’s School Site Coordinator or the Wakefield Academy Office at (781) 246-6400 Ext. 6915 with any questions specific to our programs.


Estelle BurdickWakefield Academy Director(781) 246-6400 Ext. 6608
Trudy ConleyCoordinator(781) 246-6400 Ext. 6915

Site Coordinators

DolbeareGinny DuntonBefore School Program(781) 246-6480
DolbeareKim MercerAfter School Program(781) 246-6480
DoyleMarybeth Brady-BuckleyBefore School Program(781) 246-6420
DoyleTerri RobertoAfter School Program(781) 246-6420
GalvinJanice GregorioAfter School Program(781) 246-6410 Ext. 24140
GalvinBeverly ElcewiczLife Skills Program(781) 246-6410 Ext. 24140
GreenwoodLinda SmithBefore School Program(781) 246-6460
GreenwoodMarie PaivaAfter School Program(781) 246-6460
GreenwoodTara DurranBOKS Coordinator(781) 246-6460
WaltonKaitlyn LuskBefore School Program(781) 246-6494
WaltonAmy Yessaian RotirotiAfter School Program(781) 246-6494
WoodvilleMark BouchardBefore School Program(781) 246-6469
WoodvilleChristine NelsonAfter School Program(781) 246-6469