Wakefield Academy


Wakefield Academy’s Extended Day Programs provide activities and experiences to help promote children’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth. Through participation in recreational, academic, and athletic activities, members of Wakefield Academy build skills to help them become life-long learners while shaping strong relationships with peers and adults. Wakefield Academy provides a safe and enriching environment for students.

Programs include homework support, athletics, arts and crafts, study time, playground/gym time, and computer lab time. These programs are staffed by adults employed by the Wakefield Public Schools as well as high school students for additional support. In addition to our Before and After School Programs, Vacation Camps, Bridge Camps and Summer Programs, Wakefield Academy also offers a variety of enrichment programs designed to meet the varied interests of all students.

If you have any questions about Wakefield Academy, please feel free to contact the Wakefield Academy Office at (781) 246-6400 Ext. 6915.

Staff Contacts

Estelle Burdick

Director of Wakefield Academy

(781) 246-6400 x6608

Trudy ConleyCoordinator(781) 246-6400 x6915