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Wakefield Families,We will be offering free lunch for all students for the 2021-2022 school year.

Our Vision

WPS graduates are confident, lifelong learners who are respectful and caring members of their community.

Mission Statement

To prepare students for college, career, and community by providing rich and challenging curriculum, high quality instruction, and educational experiences that meet their individual needs and interests.

Core Values

Our Clarity of Purpose: Inspire the Love of Learning
Our Culture of Practice: Respectful and Caring

Quality Teaching

1. Provide quality meaningful feedback to all educators to foster continuous educator learning & growth.
2. Offer job-embedded, collaborative, teacher-led professional development experiences, including PLCs, Action Research, and coaching.
3. Build the capacity of each school with the development of Instructional Leadership Teams to select and promote high leverage instructional practices from Standard 2 with a focus on equity.

Rich and Challenging Curriculum

4. Implement consistent, high quality, standards-aligned curriculum and assessments in all content areas.
5. Review, research Social Emotional Learning Standards & curriculum to make recommendations for 2020-21.
6. Integrate 21st c. digital learning tools to enrich and personalize the student learning experience.

Individualized Student Learning

7. Use data from WPS Target Student Growth Measures to inform teaching & drive school, district goals.
8. Develop effective inclusive practices, using tiered strategies to meet the diverse academic and social/emotional needs of all students.
9. Implement Social Emotional Health & Learning Strategy.

We recognize the importance of Instructional Leadership Teams at all levels of the system for their voice, ownership, and leadership in the effective implementation and outcomes of this Strategy.